Administrative Law

Administrative Law

A separate system exists to obtain and challenge government agency action. We know how to navigate this system and best advocate for your permit, license, or other needs.

Most people and companies think of courtrooms, judges, and juries when they imagine a legal dispute. But South Carolina and the federal government have their own layer of administrative law, where you find separate procedural rules, separate legal standards, and even separate courts. In our modern age, nobody operates free from the administrative process. And regulations and orders issued by administrative agencies and judges can have monumental consequences. That is why individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies alike need experienced administrative law attorneys to protect their legal rights and meet their obligations.

We Know the Administrative Process

The administrative law attorneys at Willoughby Humphrey & D’Antoni have navigated these laws countless times. Our administrative law attorneys have significant experience appearing before state and federal boards and commissions; the South Carolina Administrative Law Court, Circuit Court, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court; and the federal courts on administrative matters.

We are a team that understands the challenges of the administrative system. We can manage—and simplify—legally complex challenges in difficult matters. We also thrive on thinking outside the box to find creative solutions to our clients’ problems. And we know a “one size fits all” approach does not work. That is why we devise an individualized strategy to best safeguard your interests.

We Work on All Stages of Administrative Proceedings

There are many professions or occupations that require licenses, such as doctors, accountants, real estate brokers, and certain service providers. The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation in fact covers nearly 50 professional licensing boards. We can help you make sure your application for a professional license is in order, that the process between application and determination runs smoothly, and that your rights and interests are protected during any disciplinary proceedings.

We can also help you obtain a local, state, or federal permit, such as an environmental or construction permit for your development project or alcohol license for your restaurant. The permitting process can be burdensome, and we can walk you through each step.

When needed, we can file and defend internal agency review, contested case proceedings, other challenges, and appeals through the court system to protect your rights, license, permit, and property.

Our role does not necessarily end when the project or investigation is completed. We also counsel clients on continuing environmental compliance and licensing issues. Our lawyers can help with self-audits and ensure that internal protocols keep up with any changes in the law or conditions or sanctions imposed by an agency. We want to minimize the need for future proceedings down the road.

And in many cases, there is no better time to offer input than when a rule or regulation is being developed. We have worked with numerous agencies as they have drafted rules and regulations and worked through the process at the Legislature, ensuring that our clients’ concerns have been heard on the front end.

These areas all require significant experience to navigate, and we have it.

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