Government Representation

Government Representation

We represent all levels of state and local government in litigation, governance, and corporate matters. And our experience helps private clients advance their interests before governmental bodies.

State and local governments face unique challenges which private businesses do not. They are created and limited by statute. They are subject to constitutional restraints and public records laws. They have exclusive immunities and protections, powers, and rights. They also simultaneously fill different roles, including policy maker, regulator, and market participant. And often there is no margin for error.

Governmental bodies therefore need experienced counsel to protect their interests. And private parties with matters involving the government need counsel who can effectively navigate this complex field. When the stakes are high, governments and those they serve turn to Willoughby Humphrey & D’Antoni.

We know how government works. Our government representation attorneys have represented state agencies and legislators, elected and appointed officials, counties, municipalities, state and local utilities, and a wide range of other public bodies, boards, and commissions. And we have represented private parties with claims against the government. In all cases, we have forged deep relationships across South Carolina and built a strong reputation of trust, candor, and competence. Having represented both government entities and private parties against governments, our attorneys who specialize in this area are uniquely poised to assist clients in all matters involving state and local government.


Litigating for and against the government is different. Special statutes often apply to government litigation, and these cases raise public policy and political considerations which ordinary civil litigation does not. We have vast experience in this specialized field. Our lawyers have represented governmental entities throughout South Carolina and private parties in a range of lawsuits from trial through appeal, including:

  • Tort claims;
  • Complex contract disputes;
  • Property disputes;
  • Condemnation and eminent domain;
  • Constitutional and statutory challenges to state and local laws and regulations;
  • Challenges to permits and entitlements;
  • Zoning and land use;
  • Procurement matters;
  • Utilities and infrastructure;
  • Ethics and compliance;
  • Federal and state sovereign immunity;
  • Employment matters;
  • Injunctions;
  • Declaratory judgments;
  • Civil rights violations;
  • Tax and fee compliance;
  • Budget and fiscal matters;
  • Home Rule;
  • Constitutional rights; and
  • Conflicts of interest.

Freedom of Information Act

We have extensive experience regarding Freedom of Information Act compliance. We have designed and implemented FOIA policies, searched and reviewed records, and advised on the scope of production and requirements for open meetings under the law. Failure to comply with FOIA can result in substantial consequences. We help governmental bodies design appropriate compliance policies and monitor their progress.

General Representation

Governmental entities also regularly retain our attorneys for administrative, transactional, and statutory compliance matters. These matters run from complex long-term projects to day-to-day issues. Our government representation attorneys assist with drafting internal policies, procedures, and form agreements. We help with contract bidding, procurement, and budgets. We have handled public acquisitions. We help those who need zoning, permitting, or other approvals from public bodies. Furthermore, we help draft legislation, ordinances, and resolutions and provide strategic advice regarding proposed actions by governing bodies.

Our goal is to know and respect each governmental entity’s internal workings. With that knowledge, we can build a partnership that best serves the government and the public.

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