Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs

Willoughby Humphrey & D’Antoni’s attorneys have appeared before governing bodies, elected officials, and agencies at the state and local levels to provide our clients a voice.

No one can avoid the intersection of business and the government. Proposed legislation and regulations can threaten a client’s success, and regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings are costly and a serious risk to business operations. But at the same time, public policy and regulatory issues can present opportunities which clients can benefit greatly from. Clients therefore need a dedicated team which understands the dynamics of government decision-making to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives.

Our governmental affairs attorneys have extensive experience addressing our clients’ business needs before local, state, and federal governments. In many instances, our attorneys have served on government boards or as staff, giving them insight into what is needed to make a compelling case regarding public policy. And having advised businesses of all sizes across a range of industries, we know what issues need to be protected by the government.

Whether the issue impacts a single business or an entire industry, our attorneys help corporations and individuals ensure that their positions are presented to legislative, rule-making, and governmental bodies in a professional, persuasive manner. We do so by offering a variety of governmental affairs services.

Governmental Relations

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with government officials is crucial. Our attorneys excel in fostering connections at various levels of government, facilitating open lines of communication, and advocating for our clients’ positions. Our attorneys have built important relationships and invaluable insight over decades of work. This makes us uniquely positioned to represent our clients’ interests.

Legislative Monitoring, Drafting, and Analysis

We assist clients in the drafting and analysis of legislative proposals, amendments, and regulatory language. When needed, we prepare and file written comments regarding proposed legislation and administrative rulemaking. Our governmental affairs attorneys also monitor pending federal and state legislation, regulations, and policies to keep you informed of upcoming legal changes. At all times, we work to align proposed legislative and regulatory measures with your goals.

Regulatory Compliance

We help clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment by providing comprehensive analysis, compliance strategies, and representation before regulatory bodies. Our goal is to ensure that our clients operate within the bounds of the law while maximizing their opportunities.

Government Investigations

In the event of government investigations or inquiries, our team is well-equipped to provide legal representation, guide clients through the process, and work toward favorable resolutions.

Public Policy Consulting

We offer strategic counsel on public policy issues, helping clients understand and navigate the implications of government actions on their operations. Our insights aid in proactive planning and risk mitigation.

Cross Practice Solutions

Rarely does a client’s issue fit neatly within one box. We know that clients wishing to protect their interests before the government often have business, litigation, regulatory, and strategic goals that are impacted by policy decisions. Because we are a full-service law firm, we coordinate with our attorneys in other practice areas to always keep the big picture in mind and to advance your interests on all fronts.

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