General Counsel

General Counsel

All companies need legal counsel who know and understand their businesses. But not every company is able to keep full-time attorneys on staff. That’s where we come in.

Not all companies and agencies can hire their own general counsel or legal department. But that does not mean they have any less of a need for regular legal advice. Hiring outside general counsel provides small and mid-sized businesses and start-ups the ability to have an experienced attorney for all their legal needs whenever they may emerge without the cost of hiring full-time staff attorneys.

Outside General Counsel Is Your First Call

The general counsel attorneys at Willoughby Humphrey & D’Antoni have long served as trusted outside legal advisors for our clients. We have worked with legal departments across the spectrum from state agencies to Fortune 500 companies. We have helped them with a variety of matters, from ordinary contract review and drafting, to employment issues, to shareholder disputes, to risk management, to regulatory matters, to mergers and acquisitions, and to conducting and managing wide-ranging litigation.

As outside general counsel, we bring that experience and knowledge to your company. Our attorneys can provide you with comprehensive legal support on all issues affecting your business every day. We work with key executives and staff to design and implement legal strategies which advance your business objectives. We are just a phone call away to provide needed legal and strategic advice.

We Let You Focus on Your Business

Having outside general counsel frees you from having to self-manage legal obligations and engaging a lawyer each time an issue comes up before it is too late. We are already here for you.

By having us as your outside general counsel, you have lawyers at the ready who already know you, know your business, and know your goals. We work hard to build your trust and confidence so you can build your business.

As outside general counsel, we are:

  • a valued objective voice with a third-party perspective;
  • a resource to address issues before they come up;
  • the first person you turn to when a problem or legal issue arises;
  • a legal team which can proactively identify, plan for, and mitigate legal trends and issues affecting your business; 
  • a multi-disciplinary team that can handle a variety of corporate, litigation, and regulatory issues, but with the contacts to hire specialized counsel when needed; 
  • a competitive edge for growing businesses; and
  • your long-term advocate and advisor.

Outside counsel can be more efficient and cost-effective than hiring in-house counsel. Hiring in-house counsel requires pay, benefits, and administrative support. And in-house counsel still frequently engages outside lawyers for additional help. Having outside counsel in place eliminates these burdens.

We Partner With In-House Counsel

In-house legal departments are often stretched thin. A deal can come unexpectedly. A lawsuit can be filed, or you may need to sue someone. An issue may arise that in-house counsel is unfamiliar with. Or there may be an overflow of work because your business is growing. We serve as an extension of your in-house counsel or help as needed. Either way, outside counsel can be an invaluable partnership for your in-house legal department.

See How We Can Help You

Use the form below to contact Willoughby Humphrey & D’Antoni to see if our outside general counsel legal services would be of benefit to you. Our general counsel attorneys are based in Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC.